On my Amazon shop, you will find links to all my favorite items on Amazon including (but not limited to): lunch packing supplies, cups, dishware, kitchen products, novelty items for feeding, supplements, meal prep tools, pediatric nutrition books, gardening tools for kids, highchairs, popsicle molds, and more!

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Each of the following are products I choose for my own family firsthand. Because of such personal and professional recommendation for each of the following, I have chosen to be an affiliate for these products. While these do not cost you more to use, purchases made through these links do provide me with a small commission to support the efforts of Veggies & Virtue. Your support is appreciated!

I am a member of the International Network for Infant Nutrition. This course is hosted by RDN, Jessica Coll.

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Use code “VEGGIESANDVIRTUE” for 10% off

Use code “VEGGIESANDVIRTUE” for 10% off

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