Average versus Extreme Picky Eating

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Ever wondered if your child's picky eating is "normal"?

While I have worked with many families on How to Handle Picky Eating privately (through one-on-one consultations) and publicly (through blog posts and presentations), I will be the first to share:

Most picky eating is normal, but not all picky eating is average.


What I mean by this is that for most children, picky eating is as normal stage of development as toddler tantrums, sleep regressions, endlessly saying 'no' or asking 'why?', separation anxiety, and wanting to 'do it myself' as they exercise independence. As with all aspects of raising tiny humans however, some child fall into a more average pattern for these developmental milestones while others are what we may consider a bit more extreme in how they react and respond.

That's why over on the Super Simple blog this month, I share more about, What is “Normal” When it Comes to Picky Eating?

In the post (read it here), you will find a summary of what average and extreme picky eating individually are, how each normally presents, their unique impacts physically, socially, and emotionally on a child, and what the best solution for addressing each are. This way, if you find yourself asking, "Is my child's picky eating normal?," you can quickly identify what average versus extreme picky eating looks like, how each differ in their physical, emotional, and social impacts on your child, and what course of action may be most effective should your child fall into the more "average" picky eating realm or be a child with more extreme picky eating.

If you'd like to read more on this for yourself, click the button below to see the full article.

I know this will help put a lot of parent's questions and concerns at rest and/or in the direction of seeking the best-suited action plan to help a picky eater get the assistance they need to grow, thrive, and live out a healthy childhood!

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