Food Prep for New Baby

There are over 200 MILLION hits on google for “what to do before baby is born.”

Between buying bottles and washing all those adorable little garments in gentle detergent, there are a lot of tasks, to do lists, and items to tackle before the big day. You can find lists that simplify it to the "Top 10 Things to Do Before Your Baby is Born" to more comprehensive lists covering all the ins and outs of planning ahead before your baby’s arrival depending on the degree of OCD you are.

One thing I don’t always see amidst the lists of “what it pack in your hospital bag” though is the wide list of what to pack in your kitchen! If the nursery is picture-perfect but we fail to plan what food will keep us and our families fueled postpartum, the saying rings true:

Fail to plan and plan to fail.

Now I recognize we can’t always (slash never!) get as ahead as we would like as moms, be it our first kid or our fifth! Here I am prepping for baby number three and just had the bomb dropped that they might have to induce me three weeks early ... Wait, WHAT?!?!?!

Thankfully the pause button was pushed on that for now, so that as I write this post in anticipation for my maternity leave, I have a bit more peace. My point is though, life happens. As much as we want to get "everything" ready before our precious little one arrives, we aren’t always able to do it all - in or outside of the kitchen.

As a dietitian mom, many of you could probably assume that food prep for postpartum is an area I prioritize heavily at the end of each pregnancy. It has evolved and honestly expanded quite a bit from what I did when planning for our first child. That’s why I want to take the next four weeks to share with you my TOP tips. This isn’t an end all be all list (since no list ever is), but if you have the time and are looking for the tools for how to prep for your next baby’s arrival as it relates to all things food:


This is Your Guide for Food Prep Before Baby

Over the month of August, you can expect posts on the following:

Freezer Meals to Make Before a New Baby

How to Manage Meals as a New Mom

Meal Ideas to Bring New Moms


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Once the above blog posts go live, I will come back and link them all above so this one post can act as your go-to hub for food prep before a new baby resources. But since our little one will be born sometime between now and then, I can't encourage you enough to sign up here for my newsletter! That way, even when I am up all night with our newborn in the coming weeks (and likely on social media and email a lot less), you can still plan to hear from me every Friday morning via a little note delivered to your inbox. In it, you will find an easy link to my weekly blog post for each of these topics above.


Whether you’re expecting another addition to your family or just want to tap into some of these ideas to make mom life in general more manageable, I know these upcoming few week's worth of posts will be as helpful to you as I know they have been to me.